What sort of a world would it be

if we treated our fellow humans like we want to be treated?

What sort of workplaces would we have if we treated our colleagues as we would want to be treated? Our supervisors and bosses? Our employees?

What sort of families would we have? What sort of marriages? Relationships between children and parents?

What sort of schools would we have? How would faculty treat students? How would students relate to their teachers? Administration, parents, interested individuals?

What sort of churches would we have? Servant-Leaders? How would the ministry structure and practice change? How would church politics be changed?

Instead of living in this way (which is the way the truth of the gospel is made manifest in our lives for the world to see), we prefer suspicion, resentment, rumor, mistrust, greed, politics and self-promotion.

If we will live the gospel we will live it in the ordinary moments of life. If the way of Christ is to be seen in our lives it will be seen in the lives we lead in all of the above (and dozens more) “areas” of our lives. The gospel is a story to be lived as we die to self and sin and are raised to live in Christ. Its time to stop fragmenting and sectioning off our lives into those areas which we will allow to be gospeled and those we reserve for our own selfish needs. Its time for us to stop abstracting the gospel and start practicing the gospel: in our churches, in our schools, in our businesses, in our relatinships, in our homes, in our lives.

Grace and peace.


5 thoughts on “What sort of a world would it be

  1. I won’t refer you to any random websites. 🙂 Yes, been up to my ears in Greek. Also, yes – coming to ZOE; will drop you a line about that soon. Can’t wait to discuss the nominative, accusative, dative, and genitive tenses with you, among other things.

  2. Just discovered your blog via Bro. Smith. I appreciate this post. Sometimes we forget the great importance of living out the gospel in our everyday activities.

    I see you are a minister at one of my favorite places, CCC. Though I have never attended a service at CCC, I lived in one of the upper rooms for a month and have studied and written on CCC for a Restoration History paper. I’ve often dreamed of working at the church where greats like Ijams, McMillian, Calhoun, and my great Greek teacher Moss have preached.

    And, I love the CCC roof. I used to love going up there to read. If I were to say I’ve never gone onto the roof, hidden just out of sight, and made prank phone calls from my cell to those passing by the pay phone across from the Ryman, I’d be lying.

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