Update from the Ice’s

This cool middle-TN Saturday night finds us well-fed and warm, for which we are grateful. We had friends over for a meal (although they brought the food, does that still count?); more in a later post. And a picture or two if I can figure out the camera and the software.

This week is the mid-point of the fall semester. Time flies. I’m teaching in 1 Samuel now, having finished Judges and Ruth. In case you’re interested, I’ve posted my PowerPoint slides to my page at the EHCS website. The link is to your right. Click on “Students and Parents: Click here first” and follow along. I’ll post more as we go. I love 1 Samuel, especially having finished Judges (which makes all the difference for understanding Saul and Samuel and David).

I’m getting into Genesis 12 at Central. Podcasts are available at the Central site. Somehow Cole and I will figure out how to post the PP slides to the Central site. Thanks to the Carter’s I’m enjoying Sufian XMas right now; groovy.

My course in NT World at Lipscomb goes well. It has been a full 10 years since I had Mark Black for NT World as an undergraduate. The material is as fascinating now as it was then. Ted Carruth is doing a good job introducing us to it all. I’ve got papers to complete in a couple of weeks. I want to post them to the EHCS site as well; I am writing on the Synagogue, Crucifixion and Tax-Collectors (three papers). My topic selection is intentional: I’m taking advantage of the reading and research in order to prepare for some in-depth teaching in the spring. Up for the spring is Luke’s Gospel. This school year is one of my favorites to teach. I’m looking forward to Luke.

Darby enjoys school and dance lessons. She is a big girl and often I notice changes from day to day. She is growing up! The same is true with Ella, who is growing by leaps and bounds and pounds and pounds! She’s up to 11-12 pounds now and is getting a bit of personality. I suspect that that will kick in in a few more weeks as she gets to the 4 month mark. Then another spike at the 9-10 month mark. By then she’ll be walking (or close to it)! Wow.

Laura’s piano lessons will start up again in November. She will teach again in the spring at a Mother’s Day Out program. She’s enjoying two small groups this year: one with friends from college on alternating Thursday nights and another with a neighbor of ours at First Baptist in Smyrna.

Some time ago, as the new school year started up I commented how I would blog about some teaching stuff. Looks like I’ll be doing a practicum in the spring and for it will likely be evaluating/establishing/teasing out a theological rationale for teaching ministry in an academic setting. I’ve not forgotten about it; just the opposite, I’ve thought about it so much that I’m going to fold it into my last practicum and do it up right.

Hello to Travis Stanley: I did get your message, sorry to have taken so long to get back with you. I’ll email you. How have our paths not crossed before now?

Hello to Mark and Lori Manry: I’ve been keeping up with you through your site. I think of you and the kids daily. More about the Manry’s in a future post.

Hello to the few Ezell vassals who have stumbled across the blog. You should be studying for your quiz Monday! Off the computer and back to the books! 🙂

And so to bed.

Grace and peace.


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