There’s a good discussion going

at John Alan Turner’s blog about Just War, pacifism, patriotism and the like.

Larry Chouinard has some fine things to say about scholarship and thinking clearly.

Larry James always has a penetrating word.

The Manry family safely made it to Jinja.

I’m waiting on John Mark and Chad to post again (hint, hint).

Ben Witherington’s blog is richly diverse and consistently worth reading.

NT Wright’s page has so much I have to take it in small bites.

So you see I’ve been reading more lately and posting less. Blog-wise I’ve been enjoying the above-mentioned. Links are to your right; I don’t remember how to insert them in the text here, neither do I much care, you can find them if you want. Print-wise I’ve checked a few things out of the Lipscomb library (Bruce Metzger’s autobiography is just fascinating; a few obscure books about Greek papyri are also interesting, like Baikie’s Egyptian Papyri and Papyrus-Hunting and Milligan’s Here and There Among the Papyri; also somewhat interesting is Ward Gasque’s little bio of William Mitchell Ramsay). I’m reading Ramsay Macmullen’s Paganism and the Roman Empire for a review in my Ted Carruth NT World course. I have no idea what the hot new books are. I’ve been living in dusty-book-land most of this semester. I have heard that Bobby Valentine and John Mark Hicks are coming out with a new book on Spirituality based on the writings and theology of David Lipscomb and James Harding. That will be a good one.

Who are the conservatives with blogs? I’m not trying to manipulate a stereotype, but who (I’m thinking especially in Churches of Christ) among the acknowleged conservative thought leaders in Churches of Christ have weblogs? Most folks who blog, again, pardon the stereotype, are progressives/emergents/ok ok, liberals. (I hate labels.) I’m sure they are out there, but I can’t find them, which doesn’t mean they don’t blog…I could be incompetent and haven’t found them yet. If you know of any, please fill me in. I’d like to read them.

Which brings me to another point: for all of the talk about openness, it usually comes from progressives to conservatives (or with other progressives) about being more open to progressives. Rarely do you hear progressives tell each other to be more open to conservatives. Strikes me as ironic at best and flatly hypocritical at worst. I try to read all kinds of stuff from all kinds of people; maybe I’m weird, but at least in my own mind I’m trying to be consistent and fair to everyone.

Grace and peace.


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