This Year’s Christmas Controversy

To have services or not? That is the question.

Central Church will have an abbreviated morning service, no classes or evening worship. The rationale? Is it a plan to rip the little Christ-child out of his own birthday? Is it a sinister plot to do away with Sunday night services? Is it a sell-out to culture? What is the “real” reason behind this season (of skipping church on Christmas, GASP…)?

My answers?…No.; No, but I’m interested if it is.; Not anymore than we are all already sold-out in much deeper ways than whether or not to have “Sunday School” on “Christmas.” (Please…) The “real reason” is that, for us, an already small congregation, we will have a good number of regulars out of town and a good number of regulars up to their ears in visiting family. So we decided to scale back. That is about it. Sorry, no conspiracy.


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