More about the mines

My cousin, Rod Ice, has blogged about Sago and his experience of growing up in the Ohio-Pennsylvania-West Virginia cultural triangle. His comments are well-put. I’m glad that he’s online, as I have enjoyed his writing for several years now.

I’m glad to pass on to you his blog (thanks to RD for the heads-up).

I didn’t know this until just very recently but there was a mining connection to the Ice family. My grandfather’s (Dr. McGarvey C. Ice, now deceased) first wife’s father (did you catch all that?), Buell Webb, (RD’s maternal grandfather…sure you caught all that? makes perfect sense to me), lived and worked in Eastern Kentucky. Now that’s not a tremendous connection by any stretch, but it does touch me.

Sometime I’ll blog about the Ice family. RD has some great fiction on his blog, as well as poetry, about the family and his experiences growing up. Maybe I can add a few pieces of my own.

Grace and peace.


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