So I’ve been tagged. Here’s my list. I’m sorry that I don’t have time to hyperlink to everything from Ezell-Harding to the national turnip greens website, but if you’re that curious then you don’t need my link to get there.

Four Jobs I’ve Had
1) HS Bible Teacher, Ezell-Harding
2) Minister, Central Church
3) Store Manager, HG Hills Food Stores
4) Insurance Agent, Primerica (very brief stint)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
1) Dead Poet’s Society
2) Back to the Future
3) Monty Python, Holy Grail
4) The Wizard of Oz

Four Books I Could Read Over and Over
1) Dallas Willard, The Spirit of the Disciplines
2) Thomas Olbricht, Hearing God’s Voice, My Life With Scripture in Churches of Christ
3) Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn
4) KC Moser, The Way of Salvation

Four Places I’ve Lived
1) Nashville, TN
2) Charlotte, NC
3) Atlanta, GA
4) Smyrna, TN

Four TV Shows I Watch
1) Frasier
2) Will & Grace
3) The Bachelor, (hey, they’re hometown kids this time around)
4) Antiques Roadshow

Four Places I’ve Been On Vacation
1) The entire East Coast to Maine, Quebec, Niagara Falls, back to TN via West Virginia. (honeymoon, part 1)
2) Israel (honeymoon, part 2)
3) Disney World
4) UTAH!

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1) EHCS Room 152
2) Chad’s blog
3) Mark’s blog
4) Ebay

Four Favorite Foods
1) Bacon-egg-and-cheese-plate-scattered-smothered-covered-on-TWO (that this also includes coffee and chocolate pie need not be stated)
2) Turnip Greens
3) Laura’s lasagna
Tie for 4) Any Supreme Pizza and a plate (careful, plate is hot) of really spicy Mexican food from El Palenque in Green Hills in Nashville

Four Places I’d Like to Be Right Now
1) Quebec with Laura
2) Disney World with the girls
3) Angels Falls overlook, Big South Fork
4) Germany


2 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Though I’ve never called myself a fan of the “Antiques Roadshow”, everytime I find it on, I am strangely drawn to it and must watch it until it is over. I only wish my old crap was worth some money.

  2. Mac, there must be some strange connection between the two of us. I order the EXACT same thing at the House (and it has to be at the Sidco drive one, not the uppity one in Brentwood – it’s even better when you’re there when the second shift gets over with at the railroad). I usually pass on the chocolate pie…I’m watching my figure.

    I also have the same affinity for turnip greens. I’ll need to find that website.

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