The mere mention of the word is enough to make teachers cringe. However, actually, today has proven to be a rather useful day. Frank Scott (from Madison church) had a superb presentation on grief and how we can help grieving students. Roy Hamley (from Lipscomb) has the afternoon session on helping hard to reach students.

The key idea in all of these areas is relationship. Grieving kids, “hard to reach” kids, our neighbors, whoever, it all comes down to healthy redemptive relationships. Making a difference in the difficult moments of life is far more apt to happen in the context of an already-safe relationship. The church ought to be about these sorts of relationships as the top-priority for evangelism before we plan any outreach event or Bible study.

Given that everyone, to some extent or degree, is experiencing loss or grief of some kind at this moment, ought to at the very least, give us pause as to how potentially redemptive even the tiniest encounters may be. And then from there we proceed with ministry, prompted and compelled by the compassion of Christ within us.

How intentional are we at creating safe relationships wherein the redemptive and reconciling ministry of Christ can flow through us?


In other news, we had snow again! About 3 inches in our part of town. While it was too dry and powdery for a snowman, it made great snow angels and fun was had by all.

Curious George, likewise, was loved by all. Being Darby’s first time to a real movie theater, she was mesmerized by the whole experience. The film is well done on all counts: innocent, playful, colorful, and well-produced. Thumbs up from everyone in the Ice house.

Grace and peace.


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