How cool

Thanks to Brennan and Jason for this neat site.

Telling isn’t it?


In other news:

Room 152: this six-weeks is now half-over!?! The school year will be a memory very soon. The study in Luke is starting to pick up and rock-and-roll. Papers will start coming in in just over a week.

Your My Best Friend: so sings Don Williams. Laura gave me his definitive collection CD for the big 3-0. Next Saturday he will be giving his first concert in Nashville in 20 years and we will be there. In fact, we were the first to get tickets. Don is giving the concert, likely his last Nashville concert ever, to benefit the Cheap Hill Church of Christ (where he is a member). Publicity flyers were sent to all the area churches, and I saw ours in the mail at church, we called, and, well, we were the first to get tickets. Laura and I both have great childhood memories of Don’s music. She remembers her Dad playing the albums over and over; I remember 650 AM. We both remember the early Saturday morning one spring (when we were dating) when I called in to 650 and requested “You’re My Best Friend” for Laura. If more country music were like his, I’d listen to more of it.

Green peas and sweet potatoes: currently Ella’s favorites. Apple sauce is running close behind.

Herbie: that loveable VW, currently Darby’s favorite movie.

Speaking of, tonight is pizza and movie night, and why am I still at school???

Grace and peace.


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