Announcement: Public Services Archivist

Come June 1st I will assume my new duties at the Disciples of Christ Historical Society as Public Services Archivist. The Society is an exciting place to be these days. Significant publications and interpretations of the Stone-Campbell history and theology are coming out all the time, unprecedented collaboration of scholars and historians is happening in many places, and meaningful interaction across the streams of the wider movement have been and are currently underway. This is a new position, so charting a course in it thrills and humbles me. The opportunity to join the Society in a mission to preserve and carry forward our heritage is one I relish. It is a ministry I anticipate.

On the other hand, leaving my friends and colleagues at Ezell-Harding is proving to be a difficult mix of emotions. I teach and partner with high-quality, well-grounded and competent people. My students are bright high-achievers. Ezell parents are supportive and committed to the education of their children. Over the last (almost) ten years Laura and I have had many wonderful experiences at 574 Bell Road. We have worked with fine colleagues, taught fine students, and poured our hearts into a ministry of daily teaching. (I have had a few knuckleheads in class, but this isn’t the time or the forum).

Facing my final few weeks is difficult; being a part of the Disciples Historical Society is thrilling. Leaving friends will be hard; meeting and collaborating with new people will be a joy, I know.

But I’m not through yet: We have much work left to do in Luke. I’ve been around long enough to see faculty announce their intentions for the upcoming year and then pretty much quit for the last 6 weeks. I can’t do that, and I won’t do that. We’ve got too much great material to cover, to many things to explore and too much to learn to quit now (and most of all: my students deserve better).

While there is joy in new beginnings, there is also joy in finishing well.

Here’s to great memories and new horizons!

Grace and peace.


One thought on “Announcement: Public Services Archivist

  1. Hey, Mac!

    I actually applied for that archivist job myself when I saw it advertised in the Chronicle.

    But then I withdrew my application when I decided to go full-throttle for Ph.D. studies.

    So there’s an opening now at Ezell-Harding? Could you send me an E to fill me in on whether I should look into it?

    I ask because, despite my “full throttle,” my Ph.D. apps haven’t borne fruit yet. I’ll be needing a job next year, since Lydia’s retiring to raise our impending spud.

    God bless you at the DOCHS!

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