What a storm, and an update

Tornado season has begun, with force, in my beloved Middle Tennessee. Especially hard hit last night was my hometown of Hendersonville, along with neighboring Goodlettsville and Gallatin.
Some 300 homes in these areas alone were damaged or destroyed. As of this morning 11 are confirmed dead, many more injured and thousands directly and acutely affected. My immediate and extended families are all fine; I suspect that as details become known that we will hear stories longtime friends and friends-of-friends. Bren Hughes, let us hear from you. I am glad that the good people at the Hartsville Pike Church of Christ and Hendersonville Church of Christ are serving with the Red Cross to relieve suffering and meet the immediate needs. Shelters are operational at both locations. No doubt Churches of Christ Disaster Relief will have a presence as well. I know these good people and I know that they will come through with grace and generosity in this time of need.


In other news, we are getting along well in the Ice household.

Ella is crawling and sitting up very well. Darby is looking forward to being 4 and swim lessons in the summer. Laura is busy preparing her piano students for the big spring recital. I am completing a Practicum project for DLU and moving into the final phase of Luke’s gospel at Ezell-Harding. I have a lot of pictures to post, but finding the time to sit down, and a slow dial-up means that will be a loong time to sit down, makes it hard.

My time is winding down at Ezell-Harding. It will be time to start the reality of good-bye, and that will be difficult. Moving into “good-bye de facto” will be difficult. I will miss most the fine people I teach with every day: super colleagues and friends, and the energy and excitement of the students. I will not miss grading research papers; I will miss guiding them through the research and discovery process as they learn to investigate, seriously and academically, something Biblical, historical or theological in which they are truly interested. Well, if I get started, I won’t be able to stop. This looks like another post for another time.

June 1 will have me at my desk in the Garfield Room at the Society. From what I hear, I’ve got a lot of work waiting for me, and the summer stream of visitors and researchers to meet.

Grace and peace.


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