This and That

Look for a series of reflections on my story in the American Restoration Movement. I have worked up drafts of three posts and am editing them in fits and starts. Also, look for some publishing on the DCHS website in a few months. I’ve got some things simmering. For that matter, be looking in our site period, as we want to maintain a useful web presence for all persons interested in the Stone-Campbell Movement.

I have created a post post (chronologically it is the earliest post in the archives) and moved all links to it. I have also salvaged most of the Biblical studies links from my page on the Ezell-Harding site and pasted it in the same post. It needs some cleaning up, but its a start. My goal is to clean out my bookmarks and put everything of that sort on the blog. I want a cleaner and simpler look. (If you want to know my links you can find them easily enough without a mile-long list.)

One blog of note: if you have not yet seen Bobby Valentine’s blog, you need to bookmark it, link to it, whatever, and read it often. Bobby and I have corresponded over several years in several forums and shared research with each other. I commend him to you as a thoughtful and capable scholar-minister.

This summer semester has me crossing the 60-hour mark at DLU with a course in Ministry, Seminar in Ministry: Small Church Ministry. There seems to be a faint light at the end of the tunnel. It may be that I could finish by August or December 2007. If the offered courses and schedules make, that is. I’ve had this graduate degree longer than the ages of both my children put together. (What gets me everytime is that I am in class with guys who started and finished their BA’s since I’ve been working on these masters degrees).

Who will be at the North American Christian Convention? Be sure to attend the Kirkpatrick Lectures Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll be the one with the bow-tie.

Who will be at the Lipscomb Lectures? I will try to make as much of the evening programs as I can. The line-up this year is better and wider and richer than it has been in a long time. Kudos to whomever is responsible for a great line-up.


One thought on “This and That

  1. Mac your kindness exceeds all bounds. I am grateful and honored however.

    It is good to see you blogging once again.

    Unfortunately I will not be making any of the events you name but I will be at the Scholars Conference at Rochester.

    Have you had a chance to look at our new book? I would be interested in your scholarly opinion of it.

    Bobby Valentine

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