theologically vapid ditties

Yes I’m still alive, though you wouldn’t know it from reading this blog. Chalk it up to a new job, finishing out a summer semester, starting a fall semester with two courses (haven’t done that in a long long time, like before the children were born), and my ambivalence about blogging in general. I’m still not completely sold on this blogging stuff; I’ve read too many blogs that tell way too much (descriptions of bodily functions), say very little of substance (I have enough daily minutiae in my own life, why would I want to read about yours?), or are just down-right narcissistic (after all, my blog is all about me, isn’t it, well isn’t it?). Maybe I just need to read different blogs. Maybe I need to drop the cynicism.

Anyhow, so long July, August and September, it was nice while it lasted. I’m not rehashing what happened to us. Suffice it to say that we are all well in the Ice household, and for that I am daily grateful.

So what brings me back? The title says it all; I just had to call your attention to Chris Cotten’s latest post. Well put! Chris is a new colleague at Lipscomb.

I notice that Blogger is going to a new format. I’m going to switch over primarily because it supports a private-blog feature. I’d like to use that for friends and family and post pictures there. Looking over my shoulder while I type is fine, but I don’t want the world peeking through our family pictures. So, friends and family, look for an announcement about how you can subscribe to it. The rest of you will have to be content with this theologically vapid blog.

I’ve also got new links to add, and I want to return to some of those posting projects I announced on this blog about 27 years ago. But if past performance is any indicator, then you’ll believe it when you see it, right?

Grace and peace.


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