Campbellite Dead Sea Scrolls

In the world of Biblical scholarship and Near Eastern archaeology, few finds rank as high as or higher in terms of across-the-board significance than the discovery of a cache of Biblical scrolls and manuscripts in a series of caves near the Dead Sea. In the world of the Stone-Campbell tradition, few collections of manuscript material compare to the collection recently acquired by Disciples of Christ Historical Society of from First Christian Church in Frankfort, Kentucky.

This collection of letters is simply superb. The breadth and scope of the Fall Collection is tremendous. Their value to scholars over the next few decades will prove to be inestimable. Verily, verily, we may not see another cache like this one for a very long time. (Please, someone out there prove me wrong!) I really don’t think comparing them to the Dead Sea Scrolls is too overblown. I’ll cite one example: We have one Walter Scott letter at DCHS. In the Fall Papers there are five new ones. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Disciples World contributor Ted Parks has the scoop here


2 thoughts on “Campbellite Dead Sea Scrolls

  1. As a member of the society…just one wish…that it wasn’t so far away! I live in Oregon and I’ve never been there, but I want to browse the archives so much….


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