Time for a change

I switched to the new format/template/whatever-it-is that Blogger has come up with.

It is more user-friendly and there are more options for just about every aspect of the blog. So a fresh look is in order. I’ve also added a new blog just for the friends and family: theicefamily.blogspot.com. Sign up and log in!

Since most of my readers are friends and family anyhow, it might seem redundant to create another blog. Granted, but I want to post pictures and not have the world see them, and I would rather keep the more personal stuff personal. The rest of this theologically vapid blather will stay here. The really neat goings-on, as well as photos of the beautiful children, are now and will be at theicefamily.blogspot.com. Again, you are all welcome to join. If you are not a friend or a family member, sorry, but you are not welcome to join.

So, what do you think about the new look? (not that you can reply, since I’ve disabled the comments for at least the time being).

Grace and peace, friends.


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