I have often wished that I had kept a record…

…of my work, but I did not, and it is too late in the day to begin now. I am sure that there is a true record of my life being kept, but by Him who notes the fall of the tiny little sparrow, whose eyes run to and fro through the earth, and from whose vision nothing can escape. Yes, God is keeping my record, and of that I am conscious all the time. But as I say, I wish I had a record of the number that I have baptized, the number of people I have married, the funerals I have preached, and the different places at which I have preached; but I have not, and I feel that I would be wasting my time if I should try to keep such a record. This I do know: if I have ever failed to tell the sweet story at any place I have ever been, I am not conscious of it, and for that I have no apology to offer to any man on earth.”

–J. G. Allen, “Our Work in South Carolina,” Gospel Advocate January 30, 1930, 100.


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