Home again

Blogging from home tonight. A big thanks to the Darby’s of Westerville for fine hospitality and hearty eats. The big adventure Friday was the the Cosi Center in Columbus. Think massive kid-friendly science center with everything from aquatics to mechanics to physics to biology to anatomy to technology to history. I was impressed. The only downside were my allergies, which made breathing a torture and sleeping more off than on.

We made good time yesterday; I marveled at the change in and around King’s Island north of Cincy. By far the highlight of the return trip was the Louisville gas stop: $2.66. My little Ford Escort is good to me as far as gas mileage goes, but not the least bit comfortable for long drives (and by long drives, I mean anything more than a trip to our neighborhood Aldi’s). Some mornings I’m sore by the time I get to the castle (the girls refer to DCHS as ‘the castle’). So for 8-hour multi-state holiday excursions with children…the ride can get long. But when you have wonderful children (who really were quite good if I do say so myself) and a groovy vintage CBS orchestra Christmas CD, the long road from Ohio to Tennessee can be made bearable.

Today had me back in the pulpit at Central Church in Romans 9-10. I need to make a few edits (I always add/delete/change/rearrange/rephrase at the last minute) to the sermon before I post it.

This week: golly what wonderful things are in store for me this week! Stay tuned boys and girls.

Seen in a church bulletin this last week: “You may have pains, but you don’t have to be one.” (Can’t we do better than that? Just imagine the ruckus if someone were to suggest that we scrap the bulletin altogether! It’s late, I better not get started).

And so to bed.


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