Books, Books

“By some strange casuality, a small lot of books, bound volumes of the “Millennial Harbinger,” have been lost. They were in the possession of brother S. W. Leonard of Jeffersonville, and by him sent, by some one not known to me, by way of Salem, Indiana, but never came to hand! I am extremely anxious to obtain the books, and the object of this notice is, to enquire if any one knows where they are. Any one who can inform me where they are, will be entitled to my warmest thanks, and a liberal reward for his trouble. Ed.”

–“Books, Books,” Christian Record March 1854, p. 284.


I’m working from a bound volume and the covers of the individuals issues have been removed, so I don’t immediately know who the editor is. My money is on either Elijah Goodwin or James M. Mathes, but since I don’t have time to check, he will for now remain simply Ed.

Alexander Campbell in the MH for 1851 issued some recommendations for a minister’s library that will take a moment to transcribe. Perhaps by the weekend.


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