Statement of Greetings

Statement of Greetings

McGarvey Ice

Director of Public Services

“The great festival–God’s great festival; the best of all the seven. What a delight is the Lord’s day! Crowded with the grand deeds of Christ–his death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven–it awakens in the soul all the resplendent recollections of the kingdom of God. What themes does it afford for meditation and eloquence!”*

For 175 years this place has been a place of worship on the Lord’s Day. It has been a place safe for souls to seek the Kingdom of God. It has been a place sacred for meditation. It has been a place which has honored the eloquent declaration of the gospel.

It is my pleasure and privilege to bring greetings this afternoon on behalf of Disciples of Christ Historical Society. We remember the fine heritage of faith, of grace and truth in this place and we salute those who even now carry forward the gospel from this place for this community.

12 April 2008

*Excerpted from the diary of Walter Scott, Dec. 3, 1848 in William Baxter, Life of Elder Walter Scott. Cincinnati: Bosworth, Chase and Hall, 1874, page 405.


I brought this brief greeting to the Carthage Christian Church upon the unveiling of an Ohio Historical Society marker commemorating the establishment and history of the congregation.


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