new blog

I’ve been toying with a WordPress blog for several months now. So tonight I’m making the jump.

Look for me at

In other news, more important news…Laura has been advised by her dr. not to do anything beyond what she must do. This is a step or two away from bed rest (which we barely escaped for over 3 months with Darby). Laura is fine, the baby is fine. But the baby can’t come for at least 4-7 weeks. It siply can’t happen, its not an option (the dr.’s words). So in order to keep that from happening the remainder of the household tasks have fallen to me. And I’m in the middle of moving my study downstairs, and we have the summer research season upon us at DCHS. We’ve got a lot going on and what I’m looking for is simplicity. Right now blogging is one more thing to do.

How about launching a new blog only to have it sit dormant for most of the summer? But it looks like it will be that way.


Briefly: Darby and Ella are doing well and (bragging Dad alert) doing their part (most of the time) to make Laura’s life easier during the day. We’re holding our own in Nashville; as always friends, grace and peace to you.


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