checking in

Good evening friends,

Taking a few moments to check in and give an update…

Here at the Ice household we are preparing for baby Sara to arrive.  Sara–no ‘h’–is my maternal grandmother; thus the tradition of passing family names to our children continues.  Laura gets tired by mid-afternoon and by about 8 each evening she’s done for the day.  She’s still restricted which means no lifting, no housework, no walking (the grocery store kind…certainly no walks in the park!).  Not quite bed rest, and we’re keeping close watch so it doesn’t progress to that.  Darby and Ella have been pretty easy to deal with, but they’re kids and we can only expect so much.  Big relief has come from the grandmothers, both of whom teach and have the summer realitvely free.  Laura’s parents will have had the girls in St. Louis for about 27 total days by summer’s end.  My mom has also helped a lot, too.  We count being close to family a major blessing.  The due date is still August 21, my parents’ anniversary.  If things continue as they have been we just might make it. 

My study is finished and I have 10 fully functional fingers, a very sore back, a few splinters, and one dull saw blade.  The task now is to return the former study into a bedroom.  I’ll post some pictures sometime.

My life at the castle (the girls refer to DCHS as ‘the castle’) is hopping with researchers at our building, new research requests coming in daily and a new exhibit hall to complete in time for a dedication just before World Convention.  This trinity has consumed all of my energy lately and pretty much everything else has taken a back seat.  My colleagues Sharman and Elaine have been lifesavers as we have worked together to get the research done (thanks Sharman) and the exhibits complete (thanks Elaine). 

Last week we spent a few days relaxing (I think I’d forgotten how to do that) with the Darby family at Nickajack Lake near Chattanooga.  L. and I stayed at the cabin one day whilst everyone else went exploring.  When we weren’t watching TV we were sitting on the deck; then we ate lunch; then I dozed off; then we watched a little more TV.  We don’t have cable, so I was in TV heaven.  How about Myth Busters?  I could watch it all day (and did!).  I didn’t even take a book to read, but I caught up on John Mark’s most recent posts. 

We’re settling in at Smyrna Church.  We have a great small group and the girls are now looking forward to classes and activities.  The teachers have excelled in welcoming them and thus putting our spirits at ease.  When the summer passes I’ll blog some about our elders, especially a statement they read about two weeks after we officially placed membership.  Laura and I looked at each other while they were reading it and pretty much at the same time said we made the right decision coming here.  In due time we’ll see the warts, but right now its hard to see past the warmth, the passion, the service and the leadership, and I’m ok with that.

At the same time, I miss Central.  I miss seeing the people we grew to dearly love in our dozen years there.  I think about them daily.  I miss co-ministry with Mike Moss and Brandon Fredenburg.  I wouldn’t trade our years there for anything, and I’d do it again if I could.  Gary Dodd is now preaching for them;  I respect Gary and my wish for him at the congregation is many years of fruitful ministry.  I think he is a fine match for them and I think he will be a blessing to them, and them to him.

Some things I’m thinking about for the blog:

1) I want to take up David Lipscomb’s Civil Government in preparation for the big election.  Though I read it quickly when I took Bob Hooper for Restoration History as an undergrad, I want to look at it anew. 

2) I’d like to do some explorations in Stone-Campbell bibliography.  Biblilphile I am, I want to talk books.  Not quite sure yet what shape this will take, so we’ll see.

3) My books have been moved, but my papers are in a mess.  Assuming I tame them, I want to post some things i’ve written and researched.  This may take some time, but its a goal.  However, since I’m slated to teach and preach at Smyrna in a couple weeks I’ll start posting new items now and work on the older stuff as I can.

4) Given that my blogging has been so sporadic lately, you’ll have to trust my best intentions here, but I’d really like to get into a disciplined reading and research, and therefore blogging, routine.  I’ve gotten sloppy since I finished at DLU, so I need to get with it again.  More on this later.

grace and peace.


One thought on “checking in

  1. Mac, I’ve been wanting to get back into ‘Civil Government’ as well. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Maybe you’ll encourage me to pick it up again.

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