good morning friends,

–still waiting for baby. laura is uncomfortable more than she is comfortable. unless she delivers today or tomorrow, we are scheduled to induce at midnight Thursday night. it takes laura about 2 hours to find a comfortable position in which to sleep, but once she does, she is usually good for the night. dr. says all looks good, just a waiting game now.  thankfully the august heat has subsided and our weather has been wonderful lately.  low humidity, breeze, mid-80’s.

–our house is, for the first time since January, construction-free. i put in a new floor in the kitchen and sun-room, moved my study downstairs to what was the dining room, returned the former study to a bedroom for Darby and Ella, and topped it off by moving nursery stuff from our bedroom into the girls’ old room. so, every room in the house was affected. but, every room got a thorough once-over with steam-cleaned carpets and paint touched-up. best of all every closet, drawer, box, bin and hiding place in the house got dumped out, sorted, reduced, filed, and organized.

–a couple weeks off: i’ve saved some days to be off for about 2 weeks once Sara arrives. really looking forward to rest at home. major projects at the castle consumed much of my summer time and energy. the kidney infection (which, by the way, turns out to be a strain of e coli), which in one sense couldn’t have happened at a worse time, actually has forced me to slow down. there for about a month i was going in to the office at 6, staying until 5 or 6, then working on these projects at home til 11 or later (often 12am). weekends were no relief.

–so, on my days off i plan to take darby to school, work on our garage some each morning (a vast wasteland…now home of at leat two tiny possums…what is the plural of possum? possums?, possae?, possi?), and then play with ella and sara until time to pick darby up in the afternoon. i’m very much looking forward to cooking our evening meals (a real meal, not something thrown together).  given the way our weather has been lately, i hope we’ll be able to resume our evening walks after supper.   i might read some, i might blog some, i might clean up a few research notes, i might not do any of that.  that’s about it.

–i’m slated to fill-in for our sunday school class on 24 and 31 august. more lectio from Earl Lavender’s Meditative Commentary on Acts.  i’m going to use the basic method i outlined and posted to the Spoken Word page. 

–along those lines, i’ll close with a thought i ran across while reading and prepping for those classes: the point of bible study is not to know more about the bible, it is to know god.  now, reflect on how much of our efforts at bible study, sermons, classes, etc. are aimed at a good grasp of bible facts (in some classes i’ve been in it was basically bible trivia) instead of encounter with god, and subsequent transformation?


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