a brief update on several fronts…

–I drove up to Scottsburg, Indiana Tuesday for my grandmother’s memorial service.  I’ve not blogged about her very much, but want to do so.  I’ll post my eulogy and upload a couple of my favorite pictures.  Six months shy of 98, she passed in her sleep early Saturday morning. 

–Now we hear of the sudden death of Laura’s grandfather, R. C. Thompson sometime yesterday/last night.  He, Laura’s grandmother and her aunt and uncle were traveling and had just arrived in Ireland when he died suddenly.  We got to spend Sunday night and most all day Monday with Laura’s grandparents as they came to Nashville a day early to see the girls.  We had a wonderful day with them, of course made more special now.  Details of the arrangments are incomplete.  RC (or Bob, or Pop) preached for 50 years on the Illinois side of the Mississippi opposite St. Louis.

–I’m back in the office, finally, after two weeks away and have a lot of catch-up work to do.  One of the joys of taking off (well, first of all, was the joy of being with Laura and the girls) was resuming a more regular blogging habit.  Having days free made it so much easier.  I’ll try to maintain the momentum, but we’ll see.  It may be that Henri and Uncle Dave will have to wait a couple weeks.  I’ve gotten quite used to not having so many things going at once, and having reclaimed some sanity, am very hesitant to add blogging to the list. 

–We still have room for Stalcup Seminar for Congregational Historians, Septmber 25-27, click here for all the info: http://www.discipleshistory.org/programs/lectures_stalcup.htm


One thought on “update

  1. Mac & Laura,

    Our hearts are saddened at learning of the passing of your respective grandparents. May the Abba of our Lord Jesus bring you the memories, comfort, and thanksgiving you need to mourn their passing in an atmosphere of our confident hope.

    Peace and all good to you both, dear friends.

    Brandon, Beverly, John, Jenni, and Josh Fredenburg

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