To Whom the Shoe Fits

This from a church bulletin, circa 1969 (actually in December 1969… just in time for Christmas):


To Whom the Show Fits

Church people–I am fed up with certain ones in our congregation who instead of working for the good of the Lord and Church, are busy finding fault and criticising [sic].

I guess I’m the last to realize my mistaken illusion about our congregation.  I’ve always had the impression that this congregation would like to move forward and be proud of the goals that they achieved.  Instead, recent developments and some in the past too, have brought out a group of dissenters that relish in trying to halt progress.  No proposal or suggestion can be made that these dissidents don’t try to quench or crush with some hot air type maneuver.

To say the least, I’ve had it.  If this congregation as a whole church body wanted to move forward nothing could stop it.  As it is with some individuals pulling backwards we’ll never get to first base.  Normally, some people in my position would quit but I wouldn’t give this minority this satisfaction so they just as well get used to seeing me.  The way I feel about it we’re either going to get something done or we just as well close the doors.  I’d rather get something done–so if the shoe fits, BEWARE!

Finally, Mr. [deleted] made a quote at the Men and Boys Banquet that should leave quite an impression on all of us.  If a situation or a job didn’t improve by our being there, then there is no personal satisfaction.  I myself want to walk away thinking that things are a little better because of my person being there.  Let’s all set this same goal and maybe, just maybe, the pieces of the puzzle will fit together a little bit easier.

–[deleted], Chairman of the Board


Just goes to show you you’ll never know what will turn up in an archive.   Let us all ponder the many lessons we can draw from this good brother’s published, preserved, and forever-archived rant.


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