a messy blend of comfort and affliction

good evening friends,

the ice’s are safely back home.  the girls are bathed and in bed; the car is unloaded; we think we are ready to start the week.  but given the last two weeks, i cringe when the phone rings.

it has been a long two weeks.  we had time to prepare for my grandmother’s passing.  she had been in a nursing home for about 3 years or so, and her last three weeks were a slow, but steady progression through the stages of a natural death.  six months shy of 98, she lived longer than many and was lucid until very near the end.  we knew she would soon pass and we had time to accept it. 

on the other hand…laura’s grandparents visited with us just two days before RC passed.  one day Pop and I are sitting in my study talking over the long day of Joshua, the prospects for unity in the Movement, and how this upcoming year would mark 25 years for him at Fairview Heights and 55 in the ministry…and the (day after the) next we get an early morning call that he died.  we didn’t have time to prepare for his passing; he was just with us, in a very tangible and just-like-he-always-was-way…and we hoped we’d have several more years with him.

as i gather my thoughts i’ll post some about RC, include some pictures too.  i have a sketchy outline of the remarks i made at the memorial service for my grandmother which I’d also like to post.  Also some pictures and some memories of her. but, it will take a few days to process it all and get it to a point of coherency.  in the mean time, i’m still searching for Pop’s obit…seems like one isn’t online.  if one doesn’t turn up, then i’ll just write on and post it here.

simply put, we miss them and we grieve their loss.  there is comfort in knowing they enjoy rest and full communion with the Father, Son and Spirit; and there is hurt and pain from the void in our hearts.  for us, we’re back home now and life goes on…in joy and hurt, a messy blend of comfort and affliction. 

two songs are in my mind these days: from grandma’s memorial service it is How Great Thou Art and from Pop’s funeral it is Sweet By and By, which the family stood and sung at the funeral as our promise to him.  i particularly like the Anonymous 4’s rendition of Sweet By and By from their American Angels CD (one that is well worth your purchase, trust me).  i’m listening to it now.

       we shall sing on that beautiful shore

       the melodious songs of the blest

       and our spirits will sorrow no more

       not a sigh for the blessing of rest

grace and peace.

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