Hand-Clapping or Amen?

From the December 12, 1901 Christian-Evangelist, p. 1583:

Hand-Clapping or Amen?

  It seems hardly fair to ask the brethren to be at the expense of traveling such long distances to attend the conventions, and then have about one-third of the time of each session taken up by two or three thousand people clapping their hands.  A traveling man who happened to be in Minneapolis during our late convention told me he attended one session and that it reminded him of a great national political convention, that it was very hard for him to believe that it was a religious convention.  He said that when the convention was located at Omaha for next year the storm of hand-clapping and even whistling was terrific.  May it not be that we have overdone the applause business just a little and that it could be better occasionally to say “Amen,” and thus seem more religious? 

L. L. Carpenter, Wabash, Ind.


Another happenstance discovery, I thought this was worth passing along.


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