fa sol la

One of the highlights of our Stalcup Seminar for Congregational Historians was the sacred harp singing Thursday night.  The Harpeth Valley Sacred Harp Singers treated us to a fine program.  And… this being my first singing, I really loved it.  If you are not familiar with sacred harp, check out their website above.  You’ll especially want to poke around fasola.org.  I characterize sacred harp as acapella bluegrass.  It is soulful music…close to the bone as they say.   It is music for singers, not listeners.  It is certainly not performance-oriented: it is highly participatory and the style is intentionally accessible for those of us with (so-called) untrained voices.  If you haven’t heard it before, best to listen to some online audio clips before you invest in a CD.

The next Harpeth Valley singing is November 8 from 9.30-2.30  at Immanuel Baptist Church in Nashville (the big Baptist church in Belle Meade).

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