Prayer for the Preacher

G. H. P. Showalter, from Ligon's PortraitureI notice several folks found my post reproducing Isaac Errett’s prayer before reading scripture.  Below is a similar prayer by G. H. P. Showalter (pictured to the right), editor of the Firm Foundation from 1908-1954.  He published, with Frank L. Cox, A Book of Prayers, How to Pray that Prayer May Be Answered (Austin: Firm Foundation) in 1940.  The prayer is on page 73.  By the way, when I mentioned in an earlier post about devotional literature among Churches of Christ, I failed to include this volume. 


Prayer for the Preacher

     Our loving Father, we are grateful for that noble man, wherever he may be, who is proclaiming to the lost the gospel of the Crucified.  In this service help him to be humble, yet unafraid.  In all of his efforts, may he be actuated by the sole desire to please thee.  grant that he may give himself to prayer, to holy meditation, and to the ministry of the word to the that he may save both himself and them that hear him.  Keep his soul from sin and his name from the abuse of the vicious tongue.

     Bless his loved ones from whom he is so often separated.  Wouldst thou, O Lord, shield them from every harmful thing.

     When days are dark, give him the assurance of the love and confidence of his brethren.  May he receive that material reward that is due and be content with the same.  When betrayed by his friends, and brethren prove false, uphold him by they everlasting arm.

     When his course is finished and he lays his burden down, give him rest with thee.  Grant that he may enter into the fruit of his labor and be glad.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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