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A good Friday morning to you, wherever you are.

Nashville is sunny and cool.  The good news is that we had rain yesterday, last night and this morning; the bad news is that we had rain yesterday, last night and this morning.  Darby, Ella and I had grand plans to camp out in the backyard tonight.  Being thier first time for this, and due to a very soggy backyard, it’s better to try again in a couple weeks.  But I’m still disappointed.  Laura and I are hoping for some weekend woods excursions and want to get the girls used to the idea of sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire and going to the bathroom in the woods.  I’m not at all bothered by throwing a tent down on a soggy yard (in fact, all the better as far as I’m concerned..makes fire-building a neat challenge) but realistically a bad first experience will steepen the learning curve next time.  All in due time, I suppose. 


Anyone have any good ideas for Acts 27-28?  I’m finishing up Acts for our class on Sunday mornings this week and next.  I’ve been mulling it over (and over again); but I’m not yet satisfied and still searching.  It isn’t the easiest pericope to teach.  I’ll post what I come up with.


And in November (through February) I’m teaching Genesis 1-11 for our 11th-12th grades.  This will be my first time to teach teens since May 2006.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Thank you, JP, for the invitation.


I cleaned up my links page a bit.  Still lots of additions and subtractions to do. 


I added one of those nifty map counters with the red dots.  Welcome, whoever you are across the world.


I added a survey as well.  Look for it in the sidebar to the right.  If my creativity holds up, I’ll do a monthly one-question survey.  I promise it will only take you 27 seconds to take it. 


For Brian: I’m not ignoring you on the NT Wright citations…as soon as I get my hands on the journal I’ll get back with you.  I think I know which stack its in….


DL on Civil Government is cooking…stay tuned.


Some new things are coming to


My lovely wife Laura is having a big time on facebook.  Every afternoon its a “guess-who-my-friend-is-now” conversation. 


The high today may hit 65.  Just a few more weeks and we’ll have highs in the ’50’s.  Can’t wait to break out the tweed and corduroy.  Simple things make me happy.


facebook and tweed…what has become of us?


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