good for the soul

You should read Mike Cope’s post on the Ex-Demoniac’s Testimony.  As I’ve come to expect from him, it is a word well-crafted in which the warp of the biblical text and the woof of his own story intersect.  The intersection makes for powerful and nourishing reading.  At one level his own story is an entree into the biblical story (this is the very move that makes for good narrative preaching).  But at another level, aside from sermon form or strategy, he speaks the gospel to our hearts.

So, to anyone who would inquire about what ‘narrative preaching’ is or should be, I’d point them here.  Narrative preaching isn’t telling a lot of stories, or neglecting the biblical text in favor of illustrations.  Such isn’t narrative preaching, rather it just poor preaching.  Narrative preaching enters into the world of the text and connects our stories to its Story.  The two are not the same, and the former is not a fair characterization of the latter.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that for anyone who needs to hear a good word, this is essential reading.  What he’s shared with us is good for the soul.

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