First Reads: New Series Coming

Herewith I’m launching another occasional series of posts broadly titled, “First Reads.”  My goal is to survey selected areas from the body of literature on/by/about/from the Stone-Campbell movement and suggest a few places to begin your study.  As a target audience for this series I have in mind inquisitive folks who are willing to do a little digging but have neither the time nor the desire for extensive ongoing research.  An undergraduate working on a course paper, a Sunday School teacher preparing for a quarter of classes, or an enthusiastic armchair historian…these sorts of students.  They aren’t for the specialist and they are purposefully un-comphrehensive.  I intend for these posts to lean in a different direction than the Explorations in Stone-Campbell Bibliography series.  I envision that series touching on everything bookish.  First Reads is more research oriented.

I’m also working under a strong assumption that the first priority for any kind of study like this is understanding.  Critique all you want…but critique from understanding not preconceived bias.  And you don’t have understanding until you’ve done your homework.   Since I’ve not found these sorts of reading guides, I hope they’ll find a niche and serve a purpose.  I’ll try to live with lists of ten (or less) current resources; maybe that is too much, maybe too little, but ten is a start and that’s the point.

Check back tomorrow morning look for installment #1… Understanding the Disciples: Some Suggestions for First Reads.

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