outrageous campbellite

I think you’ll enjoy a friend’s site; its worth watching:



3 thoughts on “outrageous campbellite

  1. Amazing!!
    Hey, Mac! This is Lavinia Cook, Romanian Lavinia. We met a long time ago. It’s OK if you do not remember :-).
    I came across your site looking for some pictures of your family, especially your (two, I thought) daughters.

    Well, I got totally hooked by the history/biography part of your site. (I guess part of me has always been interested in any kind of biographies, more recently in the histroy of our church, unfortunately not enough time to do all the reading I would like to). I asked my husband where I could begin and he handed me “Memoirs of A.Campbell” :-). I started with a different book, though. Anyway, I was going to write a quick note to introduce myself as a new reader and ask for some advice as to where to begin and there it was – a post on where to begin. Pretty amazing. Bonus: pictures of Laura and the girls!

  2. Of course I remember! (note to blogosphere: Lavinia opened her home in Bucuresti to Laura and I during the summer of 2000). Thank for your kind words; we hope you are doing well. We have fond memories of Romania, especially fond memories of the many fine people we met. Grace and peace!

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