it’s not all about books

Readers of this blog could be forgiven for thinking that all I think about is old books, maunscripts and dead people.  While I think a great deal about all of those, I do have other interests…

For example, old cars and motorcycles.  Some day I’ll finish the 1946 Chevy pickup I began work on in 1990.  In spite of my piddling around with it, I never got it road-worthy…but I did get it running.  My Dad has a ’68 Triumph Bonneville that I hope to inherit (if he doesn’t sell it to boost his retirement).  Laura cringes at the thought, but I think a bow-tied man on a classic British bike would look pretty cool.  I’d have to learn to ride it…details, details.  Dad and I also have a 1957 Chevy 2-door hardtop to fix-up.  Again, one day…

My taste in music runs from classical, bluegrass, progressive bluegrass, 1960’s country to1980’s pop, 1980’s metal, and anything with bagpipes.  I also like early music, space music and sacred harp. 

I love to cook.  In our home, I cook about 95% of the time.  I really like to cook from scratch, and there’s nothing better than cooking for my friends and family.

I love to cook what I grow, so gardening has been high on my list for a long time.  My family had a garden every summer, so it was only natural that I continued.  But our 3-inches of Rutherford County soil doesn’t want to cooperate.  This next year I’m building raised beds.  Given more land, we’d have all kinds of things growing.

Laura, the girls and I try to walk often, and we are looking forward to lots of camping trips with the girls.

I also love to ski, both water and snow, though its been a while since I was on the lake or the slopes.

Any kind of museum or history center: count me in and plan on spending the day.

I’ve been interested in family history and geneaology since 4th grade when I researched by great-grandfather, Dr. K. C. Ice, for a family history project.  (I think that actually began it all…)

My venture in bookshelving over the summer (I’ve got some pictures to post) was great fun.  Difficult, but fun.  So, I’ve taken an interest in woodworking.

Finally, I like to paint and draw (especially pen-an-ink and pointilism).  But time for art has been nil for years.  Maybe I can make time.


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