Today in Restoration History

Walter Scott18 November 1827: Walter Scott baptizes William Amend.  

“This event,” writes Scott’s biographer William Baxter, “which forms an era in the religious history of the times, took place on the 18th of November, 1827, and Mr. Amend was, beyond all question, the first person in modern times who received the ordinance of baptism in perfect accordance with apostolic teaching and usage.”

Amend was the first of thousands Scott baptized across the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana frontier.  I’ve heard it said that were it not for Scott’s evangelistic fervor the Campbell reform plea would have remained a largely academic discussion.  Scott preached tirelessly, baptized thousands and these folks formed churches and lived out the reform plea.  Yet he is still overshadowed by Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone.

Perhaps Baxter’s comment will prompt you to read up on Walter Scott.  His book is still available in various reprint editions (as well as online at the link above).


One thought on “Today in Restoration History

  1. “Out of the Advocacy introduced by your humble servt. has arisen two great peoples–the Mormons and our own Brethern: for Rigdon took it from me and gave it to the Mormons as has been fully proved. This alone accounts for all their success.” – Walter Scott in a personal letter from 1851.

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