Anti-War Sentiment Growing

       A report of the Tennessee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in the Nashville Tennessean, Monday evening, October 12, page 5, says: We are glad to find the anti-war sentiment growing.  We are coming more and more to see that war is antichristian.”

       It is strange to know that a people who claim to be Christians are at this late hour learning that carnal warfare is antichristian, but I suppose it is better to learn the lesson late than not at all.  How any one can read the New Testament and fail to see that carnal warfare is opposite the spirit of the Master is strange indeed.  It seems to me that the “Golden Rule” itself ought to be sufficient to convince any one who proposes to represent the Lord that a Christian cannot participate in carnal warfare, but that, on the other hand, if he does, he ceases to walk in the footsteps of the Prince of Peace.  No one can follow the Lord Jesus Christ, or even the “Golden Rule,” and take the life of his fellow man.  This is one of the first lessons a Christian ought to learn.  He who has not learned this lesson has not advanced very far in the principles of Christianity.  The Lord left carnal warfare and politics on the outside of the church, and that is where Christians ought to let them stay.

–C. E. W. Dorris, “Anti-War Sentiment Growing.” Gospel Advocate, October 22, 1925, page 1015.


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