Fan On

Keeping the churches aflame to the great commission is like fanning a fire of soggy wood.  So long as the fanning is vigorously kept up, it burns fairly well; but as soon as it ceases, down goes the fire again into a sleepy simmer, or it goes out altogether.  What shall we do?  Fan on, of course.  Then fan on, Brother Kurfees; fan on, Brother McQuiddy; fan on, Brother Lipscomb; fan on, Brother Boll; fan on, brother Elam, fan on, Brother Janes; fan on, Brother White; fan on, Brother Jorgenson; fan on, Brother Klingman; fan on, ye host of other faithful men of God.  Fan on, I say, and never grow weary till the wood dries out and flames up of its own accord; fan on till every church is aglow for God and lost humanity.

–J. M. McCaleb, “Fan On” Gospel Advocate, January 9, 1913.


The good brothers McCaleb encourages are M. C. Kurfees, J. C. McQuiddy, A. B. Lipscomb (perhaps David Lipscomb, but he was pretty much retired by 1913), R. H. Boll, E. A. Elam, Don Carlos Janes, L. S. White (I suspect), E. L. Jorgenson and G. A. Klingman (also a hunch as there were other Klingmans).


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