links page updated

I tweaked my links page some this morning.  I created sub-pages for every category of links besides blogs.  I envision this page as way to keep handy the sites I visit often, like favorites in IE (which I never really used).  The sub-pages feature in wordpress just caught my eye.  So far I like it; an extra click is a small price to pay for less visual clutter.

I weeded my blogroll down to 27 blogs.  As my reading interests change, I suspect this list will evolve somewhat.  The usual suspects will no doubt remain for the long haul.  27 blogs is enough to keep up with on even a semi-regular basis.  If your name drops off, don’t be offended.  Not posting for a year might lose you your place on this blogroll, but it won’t erase your name from the Lamb’s Book of Life.  Of course, if you are Chad Smith, you will be supernaturally preserved even though you haven’t posted in a year…ooohhh (there is a subtle joke here that only Chad and Mark Manry will understand).


One thought on “links page updated

  1. Glad to know I’m still part of the elect!!! And just to set the record straight, I did post twice in 2008. Consider me a widow with two mites.

    By the way, we’re coming through Nashville in a couple of weeks on the way to Big D. Will send you details.

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