Christians and Carnal Warfare

Some followers of the meek and lowly Nazarene, who are taught as a fundamental principle of Christianity that we are to do unto others as we would have others do unto us, have conscientious scruples against sheding [sic] human blood in carnal warfare.  In 1918, a committee of representative members of the One Body, composed of Brother J. W. Shepperd [sic], Doctor J. S. Ward, and Brother J. N. Armstrong, was received by Provost Marshall, General E. H. Crowder, in Washington, D.C.  In the interview, they indicated to that high official that the principles of our religion forbid us “engaging in carnal warfare in any form.”  The General examined the Draft Bill and replied to them that under its provisions members of Churches of Christ are “entitled to non-combatant service, as provided by the Bill.”

As war talk is much in the air, and as our country may become involved in actual war, it seems suitable that our young men should have the benefit of the best counsel that can be given them as to what their attitude shall be.  At present we know of nothing better to submit to the authorities at Washington (the War Department) than a portion of the resolutions adopted by the Church at Valdosta, Georgia, April 6, 1933, in which they say, “In the event of the United States becoming involved in another war, we respectfully request that our young men be granted the same immunity as that granted to the Society of Friends (Quakers) during the World War, our position in this regard being identical with that of these people.”

–Don Carlos Janes, “Christians and Carnal Warfare” The Gospel Echo, November 5, 1939, p. 6.

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