Been to Henderson?

I have.  The Freed-Hardeman lectures are now underway, though I am still in Nashville.  While I hoped to make it west for a day, it did not happen this year.  Considering the last time I attended part of the FHU lectures was 1997, I hope I get back more than once in the next decade.  Check out their website at and follow the links for the webcast and the free (while they last) lectures on itunes.  There are several good-looking lectures, but, like Malibu, this year Henderson will have to wait.  In fact, a good part of the reason why is my office  at DCHS will be painted next week and the winter research season is keeping us hopping. 

Speaking of research, my Dorris research continues unabated and that at the expense of my blog.  It seems the more I look the more I find, and my time lately has been consumed with seeking and finding. 

Anyhow…I have a few Dorris tidbits to post.  One involves Texas goat milk.  Stay tuned.


One thought on “Been to Henderson?

  1. A friend who preaches for a local Church of Christ mentioned the other day that he was wearing his FHU shirt (he’s actually a Harding graduate, like me) in honor of the lectureship. I haven’t been to one in years.

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