Do you sign your name in your books?

I do.  Whenever my parents gave me a book, my mother usually wrote ‘To Mac’ inside the front cover.  My grandmother and grandfather always did the same, each book had my name and a gift inscription.  In high school Grandad gave me several of my great-grandfather‘s books.  each one bore his name, the city where he then lived and the date of purchase.  Most all had underlining and a few notes giving evidence of his reading and study.  It never occurred to me not to inscribe a new (often a new used book) with my name.  It also never occurred to me to inscribe my books with some mysterious known-only-to-me code, as Great-Grandad often did.  Below is his inscription in the front of J. W. Monser’s Types and Metaphors of the Bible.  No one in the family has the slightest clue what HGWA means or stands for.  I cherish these books because someone I admire held them, used them, studied and prepared sermons from them ( or in the case of the medical books…healed from them).  I just wish I knew what he meant by this enigmatic code…



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