Stone-Campbell Books of Note: 2008

A friend emailed a while ago asking for suggestions for a short list of notable Stone-Campbell/Churches of Christ books published in the last year or so.  Here are my recommendations:

Clinton J. Holloway, Lest We Forget, Meditations at the Meal of Remembrance. Nashville: Cold Tree Press, 2008.

Edward J. Robinson, To Save My Race From Abuse: The Life of Samuel Robert Cassius. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2007.

Edward J. Robinson, ed., To Lift Up My Race: The Essential Writings of Samuel Robert Cassius. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2008.

Edward J. Robinson, The Fight is on in Texas, A History of African-American Churches of Christ in the Lone Star State, 1865-2000. ACU Press, 2008.

John Mark Hicks, Johnny Melton and Bobby Valentine, A Gathered People: Revisioning the Assembly as Transforming Encounter. Leafwood, 2008. 

Earl D. Edwards, Protecting Our “Blind Side”, A Discussion of Contemporary Concerns in churches of Christ. Henderson: Hester Publications, 2007.

Bonnie Miller, Messengers of the Risen Son in the Land of the Rising Sun, Single Women Missionaries in Japan. Leafwood, 2008.

David Fleer and Charles Siburt, eds. Good Shepherds, More Guidance for the Gentle Art of Pastoring. Abilene: Leafwood Press, 2007.  Containing essays by Jeff Childers, Virgil Fry, Randy Harris, Carl Holladay, John Siburt, James Thompson and Paul Watson, this is a follow-up to their earlier volume, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (Leafwood, 2006) with essays by Mark Love, Rubel Shelly, Randy Harris, Randy Lowry, David Wray, Greg Stevenson and Jeff Childers. 

Richard J. Cherok, Debating for God: Alexander Campbell’s Challenge to Skepticism in Antebellum America. Abilene: ACU Press, 2008.

Gary Holloway, Daily Disciple, A one-Year Devotional Guide. Abilene: Leafwood Publishers, 2008.  Contains a reading from the Psalms, a meditation from the Stone-Campbell past, a scripture reading and a prayer for each day of the year.

Glenn Thomas Carson, Douglas A. Foster and Clinton J. Holloway, One Church, A Bicentennial Celebration of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address. Abilene: Leafwood Publishers, 2008.  Essays in this volume are by Clint Holloway, Doug Foster, Rick Grover, Dan Rodriguez, Amy Lignitz Harken, Greg Taylor, Irie Session and Kei Eun Chang.

There are others, but these are a great start.  Feel free to leave a comment with your own suggestions.

Tolle lege!


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