Explorations in Stone-Campbell Bibliography, #7: High-End Stone-Campbell Books on ABE

Inspired by last week’s posting of their most expensive books for 2008, I spent a few minutes searching for the most expensive Discipliana on ABE.

My list isn’t exhaustive–I searched only for the usual suspects–and some of it probably is a bit misleading and inflated (except for the Campbell stuff, it probably really is worth what they’re asking and a couple of them are a steal). 

A book is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and frankly the main criticism I hear of ABE is that there is too much artificial inflation.  One Nashville bookseller with whom I occasionally talk books thinks these folks may be hoping for well-heeled institutions or university libraries to come calling.  In other words, when it isn’t your money, who cares how much???  A couple of these have been on ABE for a long, long time…so no one is falling over themselves to get their hands on it.

Enough blather, on to the list:

Memoirs of Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, 1861, H. S. Bosworth: 125.00.  A true steal at this price!

Memoirs of Alexander Campbell, by Robert Richardson in 2 volumes, 1868, Lippincott: 150.00 the set.  Another true steal, really.

History of the Fall and Dissolution of Christendom by J. E. Thompson.  McQuiddy, 1917: 179.95

The Nashville Debate, James A. Harding and J. B. Moody, 1955 Gospel Advocate reprint of the 1889 first edition: 200.00

Mormonism Exposed and Refuted, by William Kirby, 1893, Gospel Advocate: 650.00; here is one for only 250.00.

Unfulfilled Prophecy, (the Boles-Boll discussion), Gospel Advocate, 1928, signed by H. Leo Boles and from the library of Jack Exum: 250.00

Christianity Restored, Alexander Campbell,  first edition of the Christian System, 1835: 250.00.  Sounds like it is great shape.

Letters and Sermons of T. B. Larimore, volume 1 by F. D. Srygley, Gospel Advocate, 1900: 299.97 but with what looks like more than a few condition issues.

Peter Finwick, by John Allen Hudson, FL Rowe, 1929: 349.00 or here for 165.00.

Memoirs of Isaac Errett, by J. S. Lamar in 2 volumes, 1893, Standard Publishing: 350.00. 

Biography of Elder David Purviance, by Levi Purviance, includes much on the Cane Ridge Revival, but this one has been rebound, 1848: 375.00

Smiles and Tears, or Larimore and His Boys, by F. D. Srygley, second edition, 1890, Gospel Advocate: 399.97 with worse condition issues than Letter and Sermons!

The True Origin of the Book of Mormon, by Charles A. Shook, Standard, 1914: 400.00; here for 421; here for 424; or here for 425…take your pick!

Millennial Harbinger, full volume, edited by Alexander Campbell, unsure which volume: 448.00

Christian Baptist, Volume IV, edited by Alexander Campbell, first edition, 1827: 525.00

Campbell-Owen Debate, first edition, 1829: 700.00 or here for 666.72 or here for 534.

Sacred Solos and Duets, by J. E. Sturgis, Standard, 1925: 2417.00…and if you buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free…  same goes if you buy Christian Hymns #3, edited by L. O. Sanderson, Gospel Advocate, 1966 for 159!

…drum roll please…

The Kentucky Revival, by Richard McNemar, true first edition bound with a copy of the Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery; the seller notes that a copy of this title has not come up for auction in 30 years, truly scarce, 1807: 13500.00.  Other copies may be had here for 275.00…very reasonable; here for 175..waaay too much!; and here for 75…still too much.

So, now that I’ve shared my want-list..my address is…:)

Tolle lege!


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