DLC Honors Veteran Preachers, 1948

Note this photo from the Febuary 19, 1948 Gospel Advocate.  Among those  honored for holding forth 40+ years is, front row far right, Charles Elias Webb Dorris.

He looks older in this photo than in the one from Christian Leader from the same time (1947).  Evidently the Leader published an older pic. Again, nice to have a face to put with the name.  Look closely, friends, these are the veterans of the Nashville preaching scene in the mid 1940’s.

Preachers Honored, GA 2.19.48


3 thoughts on “DLC Honors Veteran Preachers, 1948

  1. Prominently missing in this gathering of veteran Nashville preachers is a Nashville resident who began preaching in 1898, at 20 years of age, and went on the road as a full-time evangelist in 1914, when he was 36. Although the numbers often quoted are dubious, it is safe to assume that by 1948 Marshall Keeble had baptized more converts than everybody in the room at the David Lipscomb College Lectureship, put together. That accomplishment, were it to be admitted, would in 1948 have to be recorded in the “Christian Counselor.” Only after the “Counselor” expired in 1950 would the “Gospel Advocate” reintroduce the “colored page” for news of the “colored churches.”

    May God have mercy.


  2. JW Brents, teacher at NCI, is honored in absentia, whereas Keeble, also of NCI, is not honored in absentia. I wonder if Keeble spoke at those lectures?

  3. i cannot say for sure, at this moment, but i do not believe that MK speaks in the Lipscomb lectureship until quite late in his life. He speaks in the ACC Lectures in February 1950.

    God’s Peace to you.


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