Teaching Colossians

adultclassesYesterday I began a nine-week stint teaching Colossians in one of our adult classes at church.  We are moving through the Pauline letters plus Hebrews over the next year or so under the broad heading of ‘Love letters from God.’  Danny Camp, our Education Minister, has put together a notebook for every adult in the congregation.  It is part study-guide, part-journal, part note-book.  Each letter has its own tab with basic introductory matters with blank pages for notes, journaling, reflections, etc.  It is an attempt to move us from passive listeners to actively engaging the text. 

As I can, I’ll try to post here some of my teaching notes and reflections of teaching in general.  I used power point yesterday, so I’m not sure how helpful those presentations will be since I rely on PP primarily for visuals and short phrases.  I don’t use PP to throw a manuscript on the screen (and then read it to the class while they struggle to listen and look at the same time).  And I’m not entirely satisfied with using it period…anyhow, I’ll post some stuff in case in it might be helpful.

I finished Genesis 1-11 two weeks ago with our 11-12th graders.  These two classes are the first I’ve taught in nearly a year.  It feels good to teach again; it felt really good to have had nearly a year off (after a dozen years of teaching every week).  Danny is makes sure our teachers have ample opportunity to rest and prepare.  Thanks, Danny.

Anyone have suggestions for helpful resources or strategies for teaching Colossians?


One thought on “Teaching Colossians

  1. Mac, I seem to recall Carl Holladay did some lectures on Colossians at either Pepperdine or somewhere. I think I found them online (so maybe it was a local church).

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