Resource for Bible teaching and Biblical studies

If you haven’t explored Google Earth yet, you should.  If you are still relying only on paper handouts or maps for your Bible classes, you really need to look into it.  I’m not usually given to gushing hyperbole, but it could revolutionize your Bible teaching.  It has mine.  I used it quite a bit at Ezell-Harding and at Central Church (here’s how good it is…when class was over my students wanted to explore Palestine, Asia Minor, etc.  When was the last time that happened in your class?)  The newer version makes it very easy to record tours to and from any place in the world.  Create your tour, save it, and replay it for your class. 

Sunday morning in my class at Smyrna Church we flew from just outside our classroom window in Smyrna, TN across the Atlantic, over the Mediterranean to Asia Minor and honed in on the ruins of the theater in Colossae.  From there we panned around the landscape before moving up to Laodicea and over to Hierapolis.  I flew slow, took my time, and we loved it.  You need a high-speed connection to run the program ‘live’ but you don’t if you record your tour ahead of time.  One of my favorite Ezell-Harding memories is the first time I taught on the pericope in Luke’s gospel where Jesus cast some demons into a herd of pigs.  As we talked about the story I had Google Earth up on the screen at the traditional site of the incident, with the ‘eye’ low to the ground looking down toward Galilee.  My favorite memory from teaching at Central was after the first time I used it several people at church went home, downloaded it and explored Palestine on their own at home. Wonderful teaching experiences!

I think teachers owe it to their students to present high-quality, engaging material.  Google Earth can help you do that.


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