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Spring has arrived, hopefully to stay, here in my beloved Middle Tennessee.  Buttercups, blue sunny skies, cool mornings and warmer afternoons: are all welcome signs of spring…even the smell of freshly cut grass.  At the Ice household we especially welcome the arrival of spring since that means we resume bike rides outside after supper.

The spring research season is upon us DCHS, especially with grad students, authors and publishers.  Last week was the biennial Disciples Seminarians Conference across the street at Scarritt-Bennett Center.  In about a month I’ll be at the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference at Cincinnati Christian University and in May I am co-presenting a seminar at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  In June is Christian Scholars Conference at Lipscomb.  This is a General Assembly year, so we’ll be off to Indianapolis in July.  Later in the fall I will change out the exhibits in our exhibit hall.  The new exhibit will highlight communion…in keeping with the bicentennial of Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address).  In September there are, on successive September weekends, a conference on the Declaration and Address at Johnson Bible College in Johnson City, TN and the Tennesse Conference of Historians at Cumberland University in Lebanon.  Makes one weary just thinking about it….

My paper on CEWDorris for the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference is coming along; my major problem at this point is deciding what to leave out and how to phrase what I can do in 40 minutes.   I wish it were as easy as it sounds. 

Next week look for a review here on this blog of Edward Fudge’s new commentary on Hebrews.

Colossians on Sunday mornings at Smyrna Church is humming right along.  I’m not doing PP as I move through the text, but I am pondering whether and how to put together useful discussion guides.  So there might be something posted here after all (don’t hold your breath, though).

grace and peace to all!


4 thoughts on “this and that

  1. What are CEWD’s most lasting contributions to the Churches of Christ? Of all that he said, wrote, and did, what do we remember today? What should we remember? Why?

    God’s Peace to you.


    • I am not sure what I will do with the paper. Whatever I do, I’ll send you a copy to read and critique. Watch your inbox in about three weeks.

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