Old Books Wanted

old-books-wantedBibliophiles of all persuasions, Stone-Campbell or otherwise, will love this.  Z. T. Winfree writes in to the Gospel Advocate requesting folks to send him their old unused Restoration books. 

My favorite line is: Do not be afraid of sending too much or too many of the same kind, for if you can spare them I can use them to good advantage.

Do you think a similar note would be run in GA or Christian Chronicle today?  If so, I might give it a try. 

Jesting aside…on my want-list are these three…a trinity of rare Campbellite books I’d love to add to my shelves.  (My want-list has dozens more…but here are three for starters):

–R. H. Boll, Lessons on Hebrews, McQuiddy Printing Company, 1910.

–James E. Scobey, ed. Franklin College and Its Influences, McQuiddy Printing Company, 1906.

–F. D. Srygley, The New Testament Church, McQuiddy Printing Company, 1910.

If you have copies you’d part with, let me know and we’ll arrange prices and details.  If you simply want to give them to me ala Z. T. Winfree, well then go right ahead…:)


2 thoughts on “Old Books Wanted

  1. You do know that Srygley’s book has been reprinted recently, right? Maybe it’s the first edition that you’re wanting… which I totally understand!

    Anyway, I came across a couple of hidden treasures at my grandparents’ this weekend. First, a copy of a debate (from ca. 1886) on “conditional or unconditional salvation” between T.R. Burnett and a Baptist preacher named Dalton. GA printed it in 1897 (I have a paperback edition — not sure if it’s a facsimile reprint or an original).

    Secondly, a pamphlet titled “Organized Religion” (unfortunately the author’s last name is escaping me; I don’t have it in front of me) that appears to have been written around 1970. It is an NI pamphlet, but the author may have been a Sommerite preacher — he also attacks the located minister.

    Anyway, hope you are well. Let’s do lunch sometime in the next couple of weeks if you can.


  2. I would really like a copy of Franklin College and its Influences as well…I have wanted that book since the first time I found a reference to it…

    Hope all is well with you.


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