Checking in from the hill

Just a moment to check in and give an update from the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference, now underway in sunny Cincinnati at Cincinnati Christian University.promo_graphic

CCU is a city on a hill…literally.  I’ll post a picture tomorrow.  It is also a city on a hill figuratively and spiritually.  though portions of the neighborhood have declined (not all of though), they have invested in the campus facilities and appear to remain committed to staying.  I suppose it might be more advantageous, for the wrong reasons, to relocate.  But it appears they are here to stay.  I have met several CCU grads and they are all top-notch people: men and women who love God and are committed to God’s mission.  I’m blogging now from the student center and I’ve overheard two conversations about ministry and today’s class in Romans.  Neat.

In addition to taking in the day’s academic offerings (J. J. M. Roberts, Mark Ziese and Tremper Longman gave fine keynotes), I judged the undergraduate paper competition.  My fellow judges were Mark Hamilton from ACU and John Wineland from KCU.  My presentation on CEWD went well, I think. 

I also browsed the library and spied a couple books on their sale table that will very likely make the return trip to Nashville with me.  I bought a copy of Mark Powell’s new book on Papal Infallibility.  Mark teaches at HUGSR in Memphis.  I also picked up a couple books to review for the Journal.

I like this conference because of the kind and fraternal spirit: everyone is involved in biblical and theological studies, has some kind of heritage and commitment to the Stone-Campbell movement, and is involved in education or ministry in some fashion.  There is a sense of shared ministry and lots of collegial encouragement.  I wish I had been in on something like this as an undergrad.  I renewed acquaintances and even met a few folks with whom I have corresponded for one reason or other.  It has been a nice full day of ‘shop talk’: Biblical theology, church history, Stone-Campbell matters, and the like.

More tomorrow…I’m out to find that great picture.

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