View from CCU

Here’s the view of downtown Cincy from Cincinnati Christian University. The building in the foreground is Restoration Hall.
 With Jim Fields of Standard Publishing.  In the eschaton, when all is made right with the cosmos, we will wear bow-ties…will you be left behind?


7 thoughts on “View from CCU

  1. How many Churches of Christ preachers can be proven to have worn bowties?

    What theological implications may be divined concerning preachers who

    wear bowties?

    wear neckties?

    or, in these latter days, wear no ties whatsoever?

    What is the exact relationship of tie-wearing (or not) to eternal destiny?

    i see that we are yet drifting.

    May God have mercy.


  2. On this morning as i was looking for something else i happened upon an iconic photograph of Benjamin Johnson Radford (1838-1933), John William McGarvey (1829-1911), and David Roberts Dungan (1837-1920) in Christian Standard 44 no 35 (29 August 1908): 1468.

    While Brother Dungan is wearing a classic four-in-hand (and, on his head, what appears to be a fez) Radford and McGarvey have each chosen bowties for the occasion. Each of the brethren is wearing a shirt of quite distinctive style, but all of the shirts are canonically white. McGarvey is accompanied, as always in that time, by his fabled ear trumpet, a formidable instrument. When you have one of those, you’ll indeed be ready for the roll to be called up yonder. Brother Mac may be calling it.

    God’s Peace to you.


  3. Since I’m an attorney, I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that I going to be stuck here after the rapture.

    And since I’d have to wear a clip-on bow-tie at best, I’m just that much more doctrinally suspect, sartorial speaking.


  4. 2 Peter 3:3 reminds us “scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires.”

    I wish we’d all been ready.

    Thanks for the photo!

  5. dh, JHM, Chad, Bob and Jim,

    Thanks for the great comments. I find it hilarious that of all the blather I’ve posted to this blog, the one post with the most comments is a bow-tie post!

    Thanks, Don for the photo reference. I will dig it up and post it for all to enjoy. Brother Mac on the ear trumpet…I love it.

    Chad, I’m afraid your tripartite hermeneutic is insufficient here…

    As to the theological implications, well, I’m still sorting them out. As for some kind of clever response, the closest I can come is that if John Mark can hope for a Cubs Series win ushering in the eschaton, then I can hold out hope for a redeemed humanity clad in bow-ties. And since all will made right and we will know in full, then everyone will have a tie-it-yourself bow tie…no need for clip-ons or learning how to tie them! Take courage friends!

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