South College Street Christian Church

A kind and generous friend passed along to me a sketch of South Nashville Christian Church, also known as South College Street Christian Church, South Nashville Church of Christ (all interchangeably) and finally, after 1920, Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ.


David Lipscomb is an elder here from the beginning until his death in 1917.  He preached to three or four ladies (some sources say 3-4 ladies “and a little boy”) in 1857.  It took 30 years for the congregation to grow to the point where they could afford a building.  So, Lipscomb was involved in one way or other with this church from 1857 to 1917. 

This photo is a digital photograph I took of a printout from a microfilm reader.  All things considered, it is an excellent drawing.  I’d not been able to find a picture of this building.  So I am very grateful to see it.

It is from the Nashville Daily American, Monday morning, November 14, 1887.

I will work on transcribing the article…but for the mean time I just had to post this picture.

I might add C.E.W. Dorris was a member at this congregation, under Lipscomb’s pastoral oversight, from 1892 to probably 1896 or 1897.  James A. Allen, who would be editor of the Gospel Advocate, grew up at South College Street and later at Green Street (planted by So. College).  Allen also preached for the congregation after they moved to Lindsley Avenue.  James A. Harding preached often in meetings.  The early opening and closing exercises of the Nashville Bible School were conducted in this building.  David Lipscomb’s funeral was conducted in this building.

And the list could go on.  I’ll return to this congregation and its story as it has become one of my many research interests.

One thought on “South College Street Christian Church

  1. Thank you for an informative article, giving both picture and church building relation to the work of well known second to third generation rm leaders

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