TSLA Workshop Materials Available

Just added to the Spoken Word page are one presentation and three handouts from yesterday’s workshop. 


I spent a few in the reading room after the workshop.  I will post sometime this week another installment in the Dorris Research Unanswered Question series.


If you have not already heard about it, check out this article at DisciplesWorld concerning our week at DCHS (hence my absence from the blogosphere).  The article pretty well covers the bases.  Needless to say we have a mess on our hands, but a local company is taking care of it in good order.  I suspect by sometime this week we should be back at a good level of functionality.  My office on the other hand…it may take a couple weeks to get all the stacks of paper back in proper disarray.  Thankfully only a few rather unimportant working files got damp and nothing truly important was damaged at all.


I’m teaching Philippians and Colossians again this quarter at church.  The intro to Col has been up at the Spoken Word page for a few weeks.  I will add the presentation on Phil next week.

1 thought on “TSLA Workshop Materials Available

  1. There is life after a library flood, but for a while it will not seem so. At CTS, we have had several of these disasters.

    i hope that it is true that no documents or artifacts were damaged by the water you suffered. We pray with you and for you.

    God’s Peace to you.


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